WeSCoS Colloquium #01 “Design of self-driven controller by Gaussian process regression” by Kazumune Hashimoto (Lecturer, Osaka University) was held.

WeSCoS Colloquium#01 “Design of self-driven controller by Gaussian process regression”
Presenter: Kazumune Hashimoto (Lecturer, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)
Date and time: 3:00 pm-, September 5, 2022
A system in which a physical system (physical system) and an information system (cyber system) are closely connected and information is exchanged is called a “cyber-physical system (CPS)”. I am doing research on control systems. In a networked control system, various things are controlled via communication networks such as the Internet. In such a control system, it is essential to appropriately design a communication policy that determines when the controlled object should communicate with the controller in order to consider the communication resources of the network. In this colloquium, we will introduce an algorithm for learning unknown systems using Gaussian process regression and designing control and communication policies, especially considering the case where the model of the controlled object is unknown. Finally, we mention (albeit briefly) the applicability to weather control.
Venue: Zoom

*The WeSCoS colloquium is part of the Moonshot-type R&D project Objective 8.
The colloquium in the core research ‘Control theory of weather-social coupled systems to support social decision-making’ is open to the public.
*WeSCoS stands for Weather-Society Coupling/Control System.

    Moonshot Goal8 Realization of a society safe from the threat of extreme winds and rains by controlling and modifying the weather by 2050.
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