Privacy policy

The private policy of this site conform to the privacy policyadministered by the Public Relations Office of the University of Tokyo.
Also, in accordance with regulations including "The University of Tokyo Rules on the Procedures for the Appropriate Management of Personal Information Retained by the University of Tokyo"」, "Control Theory of Weather-Society Coupling Systems for Supporting Social Decision-Making" Project ((hereinafter referred to as “the Project”) strives to protect personal information based on the policy below.
The Project uses lawful and fair means to collect personal information for administrative purposes only and within the scope of the purpose of use.
Except in cases when prescribed by law, the Institute will not use collected personal information for uses other than the intended purpose of use, and will not provide this information to a third party, without the prior consent of the individual(s) involved.In addition, when prescribed by law to provide personal information to a third party or entrust the handling of personal information to a third party, the Institute will conduct a strict investigation of the third party, including of its capability in securing and managing the personal information involved, and will appropriately supervise the third party’s handling of this information.

Personal Information collected via this site this site may be used for the following perposes:
(1)The operation, maintenance, and management of this site
(2)Handling inquiries received through this site
In addition to appropriately managing collected personal information, the Project strives to protect this information. The Institute takes necessary measures, including those related to information security, to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
In accordance with the rules and regulations regarding personal information, and within a reasonable period of time and scope, the Project will swiftly handle requests received from individuals for the disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of their personal information collected through the Institute’s site, once the Institute has confirmed the individual's identity.
While outside of the scope of the adequacy decision based on Article 45 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Project will strictly adhere to laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, as well as strive to improve this policy by continually reviewing its contents.
    Moonshot Goal8 Realization of a society safe from the threat of extreme winds and rains by controlling and modifying the weather by 2050.
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